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with love from Janice.

OK so it's the Greats Gift Retailer Awards 2016 in London this week, and as a finalist, I feel I should be there. So I'm going! I was really delighted to be nominated in the Best Newcomer category for the Midlands, the North and Scotland, and I'm excited to see what happens at the awards! Win or not, it's been a great accolade – and one I'm very thankful for. The publicity has been great for EMBRACE, and it's very welcome, as footfall down at the Old Railway Station is sometimes a bit of a challenge! It's a lovely location, but not as well visited as I think it should be! So what I'd really like to say here is a HUGE THANK YOU to all my regular locals, who pop down to EMBRACE to buy their cards and presents. I really appreciate you all, and all the other amazing customers that I have met in the short time since the shop opened. I really have been so lucky to meet so many lovely people, I'm lucky that we've had time to chat and exchange life stories, and I am grateful to all of you who have written reviews and sent in lovely emails and messages. Here's to meeting many more in year two.

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